Story number 4 for 16 Jun 2000

By June 16, 2000

Next, earlier this week we told you about Gospel Revival Ministries, an evangelical group that’s reaching the unreached tribal people of the Andaman-Nicobar Islands. GRM’s President John Musser shares the mission and focus of what they’re doing around the world. “We’re equipping native pastors to reach the last of the lost. And, we have a program similar to Compassion International or World Vision, but instead of supporting children we support native workers.” 100-dollars a month can support a national pastor full-time. Musser says because they’re working in seven restricted countries around the world prayer is needed. “Many of the trips we go (on) are very dangerous – in restricted areas. And, it just takes the grace of God to be able to get into some of these areas and to begin to set up a base so we can start our pastors support program.” With your help GRM hopes to expand to Indonesia soon.

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