Story number 4 for 16 May 2002

By May 16, 2002

(Japan)–Elsewhere, Japan is facing more struggles that will impact the tiny nation in spiritual, economic and physical ways. In light of recent agricultural and financial crisis, the people are starting to become disillusioned with the old way of life. SEND’s Warren Janzen feels now is the opportune time for their pioneering church planting outreach. “People have constantly looked to the government to answer their questions. Now, they’re realizing that they’re not getting those answers from the ministry of education. They’re not getting those answers from the ministry of finance, and so they’re starting to investigate other things. I think that’s one way in which God is taking a wall and making it a doorway for us.” Janzen says although there is more openness to the Gospel, old ways are hard to change. “People can pray specifically that when a Japanese has to face these realities of the economy, the youth culture, that they will turn their hearts towards God for their solutions.” Janzen says SEND’s mission is to plant the church where it doesn’t exist and serve where it does.

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