Story number 4 for 16 Nov 2000

By November 16, 2000

Meanwhile, thousands of Egyptians will be hearing the Gospel as Reverend Sammy Tippit holds meetings beginning tonight. The meetings are being video taped, duplicated and then delivered to churches all over the country. Pastor Sameh Maurice Tawfuk (sah-MAY mohr-EES toh-FOOK) is the host pastor. ” We expect more than 120,000 per day – these churches can reach for them. Even with the local video centers, some of the homes around the churches can follow and can see and hear the message.” Pastor Sameh is praying for: “…a real revival for the churches, for the believer themselves. And, thousands and thousands (will) know Christ personally in their lives. (And), have a great impact on the whole society of Egypt.” These Gospel meetings will continue through Monday. A pastors’ conference is scheduled for Friday which will include pastors from countries closed to the Gospel.

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