Story number 4 for 17 Apr 2003

By April 17, 2003

(World) — Next, with the celebration of Passion Week, Jews around the world are observing Passover. Jonathan Bernd with “Jews For Jesus” spends this time of year sharing with others the meaning that Passover has for the Jews and its relevance for Christians. “When we look at the Passover meal and we think about that Gospel message and how we can take it to other people we shouldn’t celebrate Passover as something that happens hundreds of year ago. We should celebrate it as if we need to be redeemed and set free today. And so the application message from all this is how can we apply this to our hearts.” While having branches all over the world, Jews For Jesus has recently felt the need to expand further. “We felt God calling us to enlarge our tents and partner more with other believers in Jesus and to reach out to every Jewish community outside of Israel with a population of 25,000 or more as well as building our work in Israel. And we’ve called this project ‘Operation Behold Your God.'”

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