Story number 4 for 17 Aug 2001

By August 17, 2001

(Suriname)–Next, evangelical workers are needed to lead Hindus and Muslims to Christ in the South American country of Suriname. Gurudatt Shiwdat (goo-rah-DAHT SHEE-wah-daht) is a missionary with World Team. He describes his ministry. “It’s a small country with about half a million people, but it has a diversity of culture. There’s 16 languages spokes. For the past couple of years the Lord has been preparing us to a new ministry. And, that is to reach out to the Hindustani population of Suriname. They are the unreached people of that country.” Shiwdat, who’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says workers are needed. “Many missionaries have begun, but they have given up. So, we’re hoping and praying that God would use us and enable us to persevere in this ministry. There is a lot of work to be done. The people need to be reached, but we do not have a large harvest force to go in there and evangelize and disciple and train.”

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