Story number 4 for 17 Dec 1999

By December 17, 1999

Meanwhile, Audio Scriptures International is using the holiday season as a time to further the cause of Christ in the United States. A-S-I’s Mark Hoekstra says the project is called Reach Out America. It’s a plan to get scripture on C-D into the hands of non-Christians this holiday. “Our objective for Christmas season was to invite American Christians to order a particular CD of the Portrait of Jesus, the greatest person who ever lived. And what we wanted people to do is look around in their neighborhood for outreach opportunities.” Hoekstra says they’re giving away this scripture CD. He says as people listen, they can’t help but come to Christ. “It gives a very clear compelling concise picture of Jesus, his ministry and the work that he did here and the purpose for his coming to earth and it also gives the Good News and the opportunity in scripture itself for people to make that decision.” A-S-I hopes to distribute 90-thousand CD’s this holiday.

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