Story number 4 for 17 Feb 2000

By February 17, 2000

Next, a building project is pointing people to Christ in the Caribbean. Food for the Poor’s Nick Adams says the program is called two-thousand in two-thousand. Adams says many of the homes will be built in partnership with National Religious Broadcasters. “We hope to build 2,000 homes for needy families in Jamaica during the year 2,000. And, the cost for each home is just $2,000 and this includes the cost of materials, labor, land and shipping. One of the areas that we will be focusing on in Jamaica is Riverton City.” Adams says this project will point many to Christ. “The cornerstone of our ministry is Christ and we see his great goodness working through the hearts of our donors each and every day. And, since we work through the churches in the local communities we establish a relationship between members of the community and the church themselves through our direct ministry of teaching, encouragement and prayer.”

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