Story number 4 for 17 Jul 2003

By July 17, 2003

(Peru)–Elsewhere, Global Missions Fellowship works in Peru with existing churches looking to start new churches. GMF’s Mike Jorgenson says they’re recruiting teams to help with evangelism and discipleship. “Our main focus has been using the Evangecube to do evangelism and then we’re also experimenting with medial mission trips. In fact, we have a medial team in Peru this week and another one next week.” Jorgenson explains their mission mobilizes churches, pastors, and lay people to grow outreach through the international church. He adds that the Evangecube is the ideal tool for their ministries. “It communicates the Gospel with pictures and even with semi-literate and literate people that we might encounter, they’ve been able to understand the Gospel very quickly and God uses it to touch their hearts.” Lima, Peru is considered a strategic point for a church planting movement. Please pray for the teams this week and next week.

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