Story number 4 for 17 Nov 2000

By November 17, 2000

Next, a ministry group helping AIDS victims is growing into a global vision. Bruce Sonnenberg is with the group HIV or “He Intends Victory“. They originally started as a support group in a little church in California and have grown into an international ministry. One of the places most in need of their help now, is Africa. “There are many villages now where the only ones alive are the children and their grandparents. The families have been devastated by this horrible and terrible virus. So the idea of building villages and complexes for children is very, very important. Someone’s got to take care of these children.” Sonnenberg says that as Christians, we have the responsibility to help where we can and share the hope of Jesus Christ. “Our greatest challenge in the church is to educate the church to do what Jesus would do. He reached out His hand and He touched the leper and that’s what God calls us to do. To be the ones to reach out and show compassion, to do something about the situation, to offer hope and peace through Jesus Christ.”

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