Story number 4 for 18 Jun 2003

By June 18, 2003

(Colombia)–Meanwhile, there’s an incredible plan to share the Gospel with every person in Colombia. That’s the word for Global Missions Fellowship’s Sam Ingrassia. According to Ingrassia the national church needs help with what they’re calling, “The Power To Change” initiative. “They have five different main strategies that they use. And, the national leadership said we want this EvangeCube to become the sixth official strategy of the “Power To Change” model…at the Kiosks, with the Jesus Film, at the dinner with a friend, door to door and at the houses of prayer.” Ingrassia says they’re trying to raise 80-thousand dollars by the middle of July to send 30-thousand EvangeCubes in the fall. “If we can equip a Colombian with a cube, working the Power To Change campaign for the duration, that they would easily share with 100 people. So, for every $2.50 to ship a cube (and) train a Colombian, 100 people will hear the Gospel.”

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