Story number 4 for 18 Nov 2002

By November 18, 2002

(Romania) — Meanwhile, in Romania a ministry to children infected with HIV/AIDS is having an impact on both children and their parents. Greater Europe Mission‘s Andy LeBreche works in Timisoara, Romania and says just after the revolution funding to hospitals dried up. “Because of budget constraints they began to reuse needles and equipment – scalpels not sterilized well. And so, there was a whole slew of people about 10 years ago that all contracted HIV and of course now it’s now full blown AIDS and a lot of people are dying from that.” From that problem was born a ministry to HIV/AIDS patients, specifically children with the disease. LeBreche explains. “One of our Romanian colleagues, she has been granted access to two of the hospitals in towns that have AIDS wards. She teaches them Bible lessons, Bible verses, sings songs with them and shares the Gospel. And, in the past few months she’s realized that she has a growing ministry to the parents. She has begun counseling with some of the parents and sharing the Gospel with them.”

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