Story number 4 for 19 Aug 2002

By August 19, 2002

(Papua New Guinea) — Meanwhile, AWANA Clubs International and New Tribes Mission have partnered together to help teach the Bible to children in Papua New Guinea. AWANA’s President Jack Eggar says one of their workers is in PNG and is fashioning the program after New Tribe’s chronological Bible study. ” Well, the program is just a brand new baby, in fact, we’ve been a couple years in the testing. We have found it to be very successful in the churches that we’ve launched it in, in Papua New Guinea. So, over the next, I would say a year or so, we will be putting together some plans as to where do we go for the next step. Hopefully, from what we learn there we will be able to sit down with New Tribes in the future and take a hard look at what we can do together as partners in the ministry of the Gospel. Pray that we’ll have the wisdom in utilizing this thing as well look out to other countries around the world.”

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