Story number 4 for 19 Jul 2000

By July 19, 2000

Meanwhile, Bethany Christian Services is at the forefront of adoption services. Three years ago, the group launched a special program called ‘Kuweza’. BCS’ Mary Watterson says it’s all about extending family. “It’s an African Swahili term, and it means ‘to support’. What we’re doing is supporting families that have adopted children who have special needs. And, we’re going to provide the support in several different ways; from education and training, to social events and networking.” Watterson says their work often allows the hope of Christ to gain a foothold. “We’re letting people know that we’re using God’s example of us being adopted by God, and that we appreciate how these families are turning that around and adopting other children.” The ‘Kuweza’ program is at the end of its federal grant, however, BCS has made a commitment to keep it running.

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