Story number 4 for 19 Jun 2000

By June 19, 2000

Meanwhile, the Chinese can now read the Bible in their own language anywhere in the world. Director of Computer Operations at the World Bible Translation Center, Matthew Carrol, says they’re posting the complete Bible in the Mandarin language on their web site. “We’re really excited about the fact that you can go to our web site and you can view the Chinese text on line next to English, if you want to, or you can download it to your own computer so that you can always have it available.” According to Carrol, there’s an underlying reason to post the Mandarin translation on the web. “The reason that we’ve put up a number of our texts, including the Chinese, on-line is because our goal is to get God’s word into the hands of people so that they can come to a saving knowledge of Him.” Currently there are nine versions of scripture on their site at www-dot-WBTC-dot-com.

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