Story number 4 for 19 Oct 2000

By October 19, 2000

Meanwhile, SEND International now has a plan to reach an unreached people group in Russia. SEND’s Dwayne King just returned from Siberia where they’re assisting the Russian church evangelize the Buryot (bor-ee-AHT) people. King says they’re recruiting short term missionaries to work with Russia students as early as this summer. “We’re looking for college students, working side-by-side with Bible College students from Irkusk. Going in as teams to initiate relationships, friendships, start Bible studies, do evangelism and help in the church planting.” King says they need nearly 30-thousand dollars to start an all-out ministry to the Buryot people. “We need a base of operation, a machine, a car, we need to purchase literature and Bibles in one of the 25 dialects of the Buryot language. There’s only two dialects that we know of that are competed in the translation for New Testament work.”

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