Story number 4 for 19 Sep 2001

By September 19, 2001

(Russia)–Next, we turn to Russia, where we look at how government changes have had an impact on the work of Bethany Christian Services. Bethany’s program director, Lydia Pavlova says they steadily built both their work and their reputation. “We were able to build a very good relationship with authorities; so, we work together on all our projects with official agreement between government structure and Bethany Social Services-and after that, only, we start to do our program.” Pavlova says while their workers are believers, and they share the hope of Christ in a practical manner, they are not an overtly evangelistic agency. She adds that much has changed, and they appreciate Christian support. “Pray for ministry. I know that many people pray, and maybe that has helped us to [be] success[ful]. And, really, people need to pray for the Russian orphans and for our ministries.”

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