Story number 4 for 2 Feb 1999

By February 2, 1999

Elsewhere, a recent news report indicated that Eastern Europe’s abortion rate was one of the highest in the world. However, one evangelical mission group is trying to change that by reaching Romania’s young people with the truth. New Hope International’s Marius Abrudan explains. “We try to teach the youth how to prevent pregnancies rather than having abortions. We also include in our teaching curriculum lessons about sex and how to approach it from a Christian point of view.” Abrudan says part of the problem is very little information is available to help the young people through this stage of their life. He adds their work often opens the door for evangelism. “Everything that we present, we try to combine with a Biblical support. So, every time we discuss sex, it’s not just from a medical point of view, or purely scientific point of view, we also put the Bible in perspective and try to have them see what God intended for men and women and how they should relate to that.”

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