Story number 4 for 2 Jan 2003

By January 2, 2003

(USA)–Next, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is bringing in the New Year with two special conferences that are designed to encourage and train university leaders. Spokesman Phil Evans, says hundreds are gathering in Georgia. “The conference is wrapped around the theme of helping students and faculty engage the marketplace of the university with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The other conference that we are sponsoring is for about 400 African American student leaders from all around the country who are gathered in Atlanta to help them discern the times and be leaders in their church and campus environments.” They also continue to strive to become a multi-ethnic witness on campus and stronger agents that model reconciliation. Intervarsity asks that we pray for these leaders. “That there be a great raising up of new leaders for the church and for the mission agencies and for the institutions where these people will serve and we really want to see the Gospel of Christ move forward on campus and the kingdom of God because of this.”

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