Story number 4 for 2 Jul 2001

By July 2, 2001

(El Salvador)–Meanwhile, the repairs are continuing from El Salvador’s earthquake earlier this year. However, there are some areas that are more remote and are not getting the assistance they need. That’s where the work of Medical Ambassadors International comes in. MAI’s John McWilliam updates us on what they’re doing. “We’ve been working in conjunction with several other organizations in El Salvador to rebuild some homes in Astorias. We have also done this with the objective of starting a long-term project, which we were doing before, Community Health Evangelism. ” McWilliam says MAI recruits, trains, and supports national leaders in developing countries to take responsibility to reach their own people physically and spiritually. ‘”We will commit ourselves to long-term help; agriculture, micro enterprise, along with sharing the Gospel with people in this very, very poor area. This area has been very much neglected by the government.”

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