Story number 4 for 2 Jul 2002

By July 2, 2002

(India)–Meanwhile, a mission organization is doing more to get scripture into the hands of those who need it in India. Gospel For Asia is forming the Gospel For Asia Bible Society. GFA’s Taun Cortado says there’s a need for 60-million Bibles and this will help meet the demand. “What this allows us to do is print our own much more quicker and at a lot cheaper price. In the past we’ve ordered Bibles and there was such a tremendous need for them and the waiting period was such and the amount that we could actually get prevented us from really spreading the word of God.” According to Cortado, they’ve purchased a press and it’s currently printing 200-thousand New Testaments a month. He says help is needed now to fund this incredible outreach. “We can print between four and five New Testaments from one-dollar U-S. The word of God, as the Bible says, does not return void, but it accomplishes what God set it out to do and we’re seeing people come to Christ just from reading the word of God, which shouldn’t surprise anybody. So, the more we can get out there the better.”

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