Story number 4 for 20 Aug 2001

By August 20, 2001

(USA) — Meanwhile, as the summer camping season comes to an end, preparation for next summer’s season has already begun. Royal Family Kids Camps, an organization that’s reaching out to abused and neglected children, is looking for churches to host such a camp. Royal Family’s Wayne Tesch. “This past summer we had 15 churches attend our five training classes that we had representing over 70 people that were involved. We’ll be in 36 states. I’m looking for some churches in Arkansas, South Carolina, New Mexico and Montana. Someone that will be able to say, hey I want to be able to do something in my own community to help children who are abuse, abandoned or neglected.” Tesch says this is a program that helps get Christians out of the pew and into the world where they can demonstrate God’s word and love to those who need it most

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