Story number 4 for 21 Feb 2001

By February 21, 2001

(Russia)–Meanwhile, missionaries in Russia are helping drug addicts kick the habit and they’re winning the respect of the government. Send International’s Chad Wiebe says because of the vision of Tolik, a young Bible School graduate, they’ve started a treatment center in Central Siberia. “Tolik decided to put all of his money together and to rent an apartment and invite drug users into his apartment on three conditions. That they would stop taking drugs for two months. That they would live with Tolik. And, number three, they would commit to intensive Bible study and prayer.” Tolik has helped many people end their drug habit and many have turned to Christ. Wiebe says it’s changed the town. “There is no longer drugs being sold in this town. What the state could not do and the hospitals could not do with this drug problem, the church is able to do through the power of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.” Funding is needed to help expand this ministry.

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