Story number 4 for 21 Feb 2002

By February 21, 2002

(USA)–Next, a radio program in the United States is encouraging revival in women’s hearts. Life Action Revival Ministries’ cosponsors a program called “Revive Our Hearts”, with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. DeMoss explains the purpose of the program. “The mission of Revive Our Hearts is to call women to experience freedom and fullness and the fruitfulness through Christ. We’re dealing with a lot of issue in regard to women in the marriages, women in the children, women in their singleness. Where women in many cases are in bondage over past hurts.” DeMoss says the purpose of the program ultimately has kingdom implications. “This isn’t so they can enjoy the good life, but so that they can become reproducers in their children, in their friends, in their communities, in their churches. Really, instruments of revival.” Revival Our Hearts is a cooperative between Life Action, Back to the Bible and Family Life Today.

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