Story number 4 for 21 Mar 2002

By March 21, 2002

(International)–Meanwhile, big plans are on the horizon for the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, and Russia. East/West Ministries targets countries where government systems and traditional religions have left people spiritually oppressed. East/West’s John Maisel details a ten-year plan to expose 50-million people to the Gospel. “We want to see churches planted in over 100 unreached people group nations. We want to see over ten-thousand leaders trained and equipped for the work of the ministry. And, we want to plant 500 Great Commission-type churches in these unreached people group areas.” Maisel says aside from the huge funding issues, there is another one, critical to the success of their outreach. “Probably one of the most felt needs is men and women, that God can bring to the ministry to help carry the flag for the vision that God has given us this next ten years.”

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