Story number 4 for 21 May 2001

By May 21, 2001

(China)–Next, China Partner is excited about the growth of strategic ministry in China. Visiting CP team members were invited to return next year for one week of training in Shantou at the local one-year Bible training center. CP’s Erik Burklin explains the other part of their work is the purpose behind their mission. “A lot of what we do will be relationship building, getting to know new Christian leaders and pastors, and just let them know we want to help them. We want to serve the church in China. We want to see how we can help them fulfill the Great Commission in that country.” Burklin adds that the partnerships they’re building with Bible training centers are critical. “One of the biggest problems within China is the fact that Chinese cults are growing rapidly all across the land, mainly because so many new Christians are coming to know the Lord, but there’s not enough pastors and well-equipped elders to train them in the Word. So, they go off on all different kinds of tangents.” Please pray for China Partner, as the country is still a volatile place for foreigners to minister in.

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