Story number 4 for 22 Apr 2003

By April 22, 2003

(Romania)–Meanwhile, Christian radio is flourishing in a country that was previously dubbed the only atheistic country in the world. Well, those days are over in Romania and it’s obvious as Little Samaritan Mission just opened their 8th Christian radio station. Little Samartan’s Florin Pindicblaj says more stations are planned. “I pray soon that, by the beginning of May, middle of May, to be on the air with three more. So, we hope that by the 1st of June to have 11 Christian radio stations – non-commercial – to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Romania.” Pindicplaj says many people are coming to Christ through their programming. He says funding is needed for these additional stations. “We need less than $50,000 to be able to open three more radio stations. I pray and I have faith that someone wil help us and by (the) first of June we’re going to have 11 radio stations to cover the country of Romania.”

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