Story number 4 for 22 Aug 2003

By August 22, 2003

(Brazil)–Next, the word best used to describe Brazil’s spiritual hunger is ‘famished’. Walk Through The Bible’s Terry Sparks shares the story of a Bible teacher who went into the Amazon to teach a course. Through the day, the teacher saw his students weren’t wearing shoes and ate nothing at mealtimes. “He later found out that they didn’t have money for shoes, and didn’t have money for lunch, but they were so hungry for the Bible teaching that they used what little money they had to pay for his transportation and for the workbooks for the Bible course.” Sparks says this scenario really describes a common challenge to their evangelistic work. “We’re only limited, really, by finances. If we had a fund, that people wanted to give to, that was almost like a scholarship fund, we could dip into to make Bible teaching even available to some of these remote villages.”

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