Story number 4 for 22 Dec 2000

By December 22, 2000

Elsewhere, unique evangelism ministries in Costa Rica have enabled missionaries to share the Gospel during the Christmas season. Latin Ameria Mission’s Lilian Solt says that the youth group in the church she attends there began to reach out to poor families in their community “Each child is supplied with a new outfit, shoes and a small toy. The mother is given a bread basket which has some real good goodies which they never see which are apples and grapes and some other things like cereal.” In the past they have seen some members of these families come to know Christ. Nancy Mauger with LAM began a cooking ministry in her community. “And at Christmas time every year I have a party where I have lots of games then we have a meal and I also share with them some kind of devotional about the meaning of Christmas. This year I talked about angels and how they came to announce the birth of the Savior.” Many missionaries find that during the Christmas season many nonbelievers are more open to the Gospel.

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