Story number 4 for 22 Jul 2002

By July 22, 2002

(India)–Next, a year-old program in India is bringing people to Christ through the use of “easy-readers.” The World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey says the program uses the Gospel of Mark and Proverbs as a primer. He adds they’ve launched sixty groups in villages around Bangalore. “They’re finding that people usually move from illiterate to a neo-literal, which means you are able to read simple basic things and after that people sometimes move on to a seeker group and from then on to accept Jesus as their Savior and turn from idols.” Massey says through the program, people are gaining a better understanding of the Bible, turning to Christ, and being baptized. “They’re linked up with some evangelical groups in or near their villages. We’re linking people who are interested in Christianity interested in knowing more about Jesus, up with existing churches that are already functioning in those areas. evangelize Many of these Christians are then taking the Word into local ares.” Those new believers, in turn, continue to evangelize in their communities.

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