Story number 4 for 22 Jun 2000

By June 22, 2000

Meanwhile, millions of children in Brazil will be on the receiving end of a scripture distribution program. Book of Hope International’s John Young says churches in Rio de Janeiro are spearheading the effort. “We are doing are largest one time distribution of the Book of Hope. The governor there has given us permission to bring the Book of Hope to approximately 5-million students within that region. And, we are partnering with approximately 5,000 churches.” While the distribution isn’t until October, Young says he’s urging people to pray now. “We need to lift up all the people involved in it. Second thing, just pray for the hearts of the kids because what happens is we give kids the books and they go home and they share it with their parents. And, just pray that the word of God just really has an affect on all those who receive a book.”

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