Story number 4 for 23 Aug 2001

By August 23, 2001

(Korea)–Meanwhile, Korean Christians are catching the vision for worldwide Bible translation. Min-Young Jung is the Director of Global Bible Translators in South Korea. He says while many Christians are getting involved in translation work, they need also need computer technicians and other support personnel. “That is a major challenge right now. And, we are trying to do our best to education our friend churches to see the need of technical capacities. The awareness level is growing right now, but still, we have longer way to go.” JAARS, which speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for translators, is assisting them. Jung says they need the help because they have ambitious goals. “We aspire to translation at least 150 remaining language groups. Which is translated into about 600 new members to be recruited from our part of the world.”

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