Story number 4 for 23 Aug 2002

By August 23, 2002

(USA)–Elsewhere, the latest statistics on mission workers are somewhat sobering. The reports point to a trend of retiring missionaries, with few ready to take their place in the field. Over time, that could result in a severe shortage. As a result, Evangelism Explosion has declared September 29th a “Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Harvest”.
E-E’s John Sorensen. “We’d really love to see September 29 be a day for the church to really pray that God would send forth laborers into the Harvest field, and that a huge outpouring of prayer would occur because of this orchestration of this day.” When asked what he hoped to see effected by the campaign, Sorensen said: “Mainly, I just see that we need to be asking the Lord that He would provide us with a whole onslaught of indigenous workers around the world that would be willing to go and share the Gospel with the unreached people groups of the world.” E-E helps the body of Christ worldwide for friendship, evangelism, discipleship and healthy growth.

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