Story number 4 for 23 Dec 1999

By December 23, 1999

Next, while children around the world get ready to celebrate Christmas with their family, many children won’t have that opportunity. Bethany Christian Services’ Sharon LaNoue (la-new) says there a many older special needs children that will spend it alone. “In the United States there are over 110,000 children just waiting for families to be identified for them. And, these tend to be older children. Because the children have been through the abuse and neglect system many of them come with some emotional difficulties.” LaNoue says they’re looking specifically for Christian families to help. “Those are the families that by far do the best with adoption. And, they see it not only taking in a child to take care of their physical needs, but really to expose them to Christ and to show on a day-to-day basis what it is like to live as a Christian.”

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