Story number 4 for 23 Jun 2000

By June 23, 2000

Elsewhere, New Hope International is working to help nationals build a spiritual foundation for the younger generation. As the summer season approaches, they are readying a season of Vision Tours throughout Eastern Europe. Hew Hope’s Hank Paulson explains the tours are geared toward supporters. “Since freedom came to Eastern Europe, our ministry changed so much that it is sometimes difficult to explain the exciting new opportunities. So, we said, “Well, why do you just come and join me on a trip and see for yourself what the situation is today”, and that’s been very inspirational for those traveling with me.” Paulson describes the tours as an orientation into further evangelistic missions work. “Often people will say, “We’d really like to partner with individuals going into the schools in Romania.” Sometimes, people say, “Can we be involved hands-on and work alongside you?” When people get a vision, they get excited, they see how far their support goes.”

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