Story number 4 for 23 Nov 2001

By November 23, 2001

(International)–Meanwhile, an internship program brings a benefit to both the young person learning, and the organization. African Enterprise has, for years, offered such an opportunity for mutual growth. African Enterprise’s Malcolm Graham says they’re looking for mission interns. “Particularly in South Africa, where we have in infrastructure that can receive them, that can accommodate them. We have about twelve young people come a year now, and some have actually turned into fulltime mission workers.” Graham adds that they are trying to plan for the future months ahead, and are calling for volunteers. “We do have some opportunities coming up in the pipeline for next year, which would be of great interest to a lot of young folk. Especially, for those who want to be involved in the setup and the execution of evangelistic missions. They just need to be people who are prepared to do whatever is available within the context of our mission.” African Enterprise is a partnership of Christians from around the world dedicated to the evangelization of the people of Africa.

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