Story number 4 for 24 Apr 2002

By April 24, 2002

(Mexico)–Meanwhile, an outreach is building upon the reputation of the church…no pun intended. YUGO Ministries’ Wayne Freeland says they’re highlighting a special construction project for a San Antonio-area church. “We have a church where the church has been ministering in that community for approximately five or six years and they’ve been building a church building for the past three. So, we’re inviting people or groups to come down and be a part of that building project.” YUGO’s most visible ministry has been the participation of over 3,000 North Americans each year on evangelistic outreaches in Mexico. Mexicans who receive Christ as a result of this ministry are then discipled through church planting efforts “It showcases the ministry of the church in that community; and the participants get to come, and not only work on the physical church building, but typically, we will schedule, through the ministry of that church and that pastor, projects in the community.”

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