Story number 4 for 24 Apr 2003

By April 24, 2003

(USA)–Next, meeting someone you’ve helped but have never seen creates an indescribable joy. So says Compassion International’s Michael Hinhckfoot, a Senior Tour Program Specialist for the organization that partners children in poorer countries with sponsors around the world. “We encourage our sponsors to visit their sponsored child. We know that in their development if they can meet the person that’s praying for them, that’s financially supporting them, that’s been writing to them, if we can bring the two face to face, its going to be a huge blessing.” Hinhckfoot says they visit creates an excitement in the child that goes beyond words. “They’re seeing someone that is their encourager, the person that is behind the scenes, that does not have to do this. And that child knows that their person is cheering them on that is encouraging them that is saying, ‘you know there is a future there is hope.” Hinhckfoot says the meetings helps create a spiritual excitement that can lead to a young child accepting Christ.

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