Story number 4 for 24 Feb 2003

By February 24, 2003

(USA)–Next, in the midst of global uncertainties, there is a growing interest in all things certain. Dare 2 Share’s Greg Stier says that is what’s behind their efforts to energize the young church in America. He adds, the ‘how-to’s’ will be explained in a special conference series called the ‘Last Chance’ tour. “The whole point of our conference is that Jesus is coming back soon, and sometimes, when you look at the newspapers, it’s easy to think, ‘Hey, maybe it’s going to be sooner than later’ and I think that’s a good thing. We don’t know exactly when He’s going to come back, but we do know that we should be living every single moment of every single day like He could return any single second.” Stier says the web of current events and the new focus on spiritual things is a perfect backdrop to the tour. “We basically do a full weekend conference training where we do a drama, and then, throughout the weekend, we train students to share their faith, and then the students go door-to-door throughout the city and collect canned goods for a local mission, and collect prayer requests and share the good news of the Gospel.”

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