Story number 4 for 24 May 2002

By May 24, 2002

(International)–Next, education could be the tool to lead people to Christ in countries all over the world. That’s the word from Worldwide Christian School’s Dale Dieleman. Dieleman says they’re encouraging indigenous groups to emphasize not only vocational education, but opening schools for girls – a segment of society ignored in many societies. “When families see the importance that our Christian partners are placing on the value of education for women it’s a very good way, I think, to introduce people to what Christ’s Gospel is all about.” According to Dieleman this will to a major focus of Worldwide Christian Schools in the months ahead. “We’re going to be proactively engaging our partners and challenging them to consider organizing schools. And, we’re going to help them by place these as top priority.” Dieleman says they’re always looking for ministry partners to help. Go to our web site at MissionNetworkNews-dot-org to find out more.

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