Story number 4 for 25 Apr 2000

By April 25, 2000

Next, Feeding Starving Children International and West African Children Support Network have entered into a partnership to help the youngest victims of Liberia and Sierra Leone’s civil war. Network founder Maria Luyken says they are bringing food and medicine, but there’s a larger underlying problem. “Our biggest challenge there is water. Water is responsible for a lot of the problems that the kids have faced medically. Everywhere we’ve been in Liberia, we found out that water is the problem, water is the problem. So, we’re hoping to build more wells.” Luyken adds that there is opportunity for ministry spiritually as well. “A lot of people in Liberia are not educated and we know that the future of the country depends on these kids, so we need to go back and start from the kids-working with the kids…and by sharing what we have with them, we let them know that Jesus loves them; we’re also telling them that they should love each other.”

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