Story number 4 for 25 Apr 2002

By April 25, 2002

(Greece)–We turn next to Greece, where preparations for the 2004 Olympic Games are chronically delayed. While hospitality and transportation are the main problem areas, other groups working towards the Games are making good progress. AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they are building facilities that will be used for evangelistic outreach for the athletes. “Even those who win, come away sometimes with the question, ‘Now what?’ And, life is so much richer with Jesus.” Jenks says right now, there is an openness they need to capitalize on. “The doors are open there. For a time, in the ’60’s, it was very difficult for an American agency. Greece is now a part of the European Union. So, we just want to turn every stone and take every opportunity to share the Gospel.” AMG is a part of the “The Major Sports Event Partnership”, which focuses on using sports as a media for evangelistic outreach. They work with many mission-minded groups, and cover the big events in cricket, rugby, football, and Olympics, among other sports.

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