Story number 4 for 25 Sep 2001

By September 25, 2001

(Ecuador/USA)–Next, HCJB World Radio is celebrating a new opportunity to reach the world with the Gospel. Minnesota’s Northwestern College approached HCJB with an idea to establish a branch campus. HCJB’s Jim Ferrier says this union fulfills a longtime dream for both groups. “With the partnership now, with Northwestern College out of St. Paul, Minnesota, the students will receive an Associate of Arts degree in communication. It’s our hope, as soon as possible, to add an additional year of study for these students so that they can actually earn a Bachelor’s degree.” Ferrier adds that a degree opens lots of doors for workers. “The biggest thing that it does is enable us to have national speakers, national producers who know best how to reach their people, how best to program a station to have the most impact for the Lord in their culture, in their community. They know much better than missionaries how radio ought to be done, or how television ought to be done.”

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