Story number 4 for 26 Apr 2002

By April 26, 2002

(USA)–Next, it’s a first for both Operation Blessing and the Navajo Nation. Last month, the agency made a foray into the area to provide much needed dental services. Operation Blessing International’s Dwight Lohrenz says they were prohibited from taking Christian literature in with them on this trip. However, a youth group provided the answer with gifts they sent along with the medical team. “It’s just a leather thong with the different colored beads telling the Gospel story. All of us wore those bracelets while we were there. And, of course, people would ask, “Hey! That’s kind of a neat bracelet. Does that mean something?” So, then we would have to answer them.” Lohrenz says they are planning a return trip to the Navajo Nation in August. He says he’s encouraged about the reception they got to their message. “We really see this mission as an opening of the door to the Navajo tribe. The crack is small. It’s going to get bigger, and one day, the door will be flung wide open. We have been praying that the Lord will send a discipler there.”

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