Story number 4 for 26 Jun 2002

By June 26, 2002

(Slovakia)–Next, in the six years since a children’s outreach project began in Slovakia, there has been much fruit. International Messengers’ Bevan Stein says their vision is to bring hope to the lost, which means: “Our ministry is to abandoned children through evangelical churches. We try to equip evangelical Christians to minister to children at risk outside the walls of their church.” Stein says they do face many challenges in their outreach. Between the summer camps, and the club ministry in the orphanages, the teams touch over 400 children a week with the Gospel. He asks for prayer support. “That’s exactly what we need is prayer: to break down the barriers to the Gospel. So, just [pray for] trust among those that we work with, [that] would be a major prayer request for us, among church leaders, government leaders, [and] the children themselves.” Stein is committed to helping the Slovakian churches renew, train and mobilize believers for active involvement in reaching others for Christ.

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