Story number 4 for 26 Nov 2001

By November 26, 2001

(Peru) — Next, the national church in Peru is taking to the television airwaves to proclaim the gospel. SIM is partnering with local churches in the capitol of Lima, which has a population over eight million. SIM spokesman Ron Frazee says TELEVIDA has already seen results in its six month history. “SIM missionary Percy Valiente on the staff of TELEVIDA ministry has received many positive reports concerning the broadcasts. He says, many people who are watching our telecasts are calling the church and some have trusted in the Lord and are now attending the church as a direct result of TELEVIDA.” Valiente says they’re currently raising funds to try and reach more people. “One of the hopes that the national church has, which is now the ones handling and in charge, directing, the station, is to increase the power with maybe a five thousand watt transmitter or a 10-thousand watt transmitter.” The ministry has been broadcasting 12 hours a day.

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