Story number 4 for 26 Oct 2000

By October 26, 2000

Next, Latin American Christians are more effective in reaching the lost in 3rd world countries than white Christians. Because of that trend, mission agencies are trying to train more Latinos. Latin America Mission’s Mike Day is heading to Costa Rica to help in that effort. “The Latin American culture fits in very well with other cultures in Africa and I would say they’re skin color also has a big part. And, that’s part of our vision also is, we’re not just training Costa Rican leaders, but a group of those people will come out and serve in other areas of the world.” Day, staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, also hopes to help the local church. “Part of our ministry is also hosting short-term teams. Our relationships with the pastors and the churches will just open up more doors. And as people in the States contact us, we can put them into the needs that we see in Costa Rica.”

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