Story number 4 for 26 Sep 2001

By September 26, 2001

(Serbia)–Meanwhile, the World Bible Translation Center says their work on the Serbian Old Testament was interrupted by recent fighting. However, WBTC’s Roger Massey says one translator kept working while bombs were falling, and he eventually finished the book of Job. Massey says there was no way they could have predicted how word would have gotten out about the work. “He was asked by a publisher if he could publish this Serbian book of Job in a literary gazette. A television producer happened to read this literary gazette, and he contacted our translator. They talked about translation, and this program, a cultural program, was shown several times, nationally.” Massey adds that the positive reception to Job means doors may open more readily in the church. “We’re also excited about the potential that’s ahead of us with a complete Serbian Bible that’s easy to understand. It’s going to have impact on the traditional churches, it’ll have an impact on evangelical and mission churches.”

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