Story number 4 for 27 Dec 2000

By December 27, 2000

Meanwhile, with a new year right around the corner a United States base evangelism ministry is planning for their future. The Luis Palau Evangelistic Assocation’s Kevin Palau says festival outreach saw many come to Christ in the year two-thousand and will be the key to outreach in 2001. “We tried for the first time an evangelistic music festival here the U-S and it worked many, many times better than any crusade we’d done in the U-S. This year was the year we really expanded that and the model worked extremely well.” Palau says events in Tucson, Arizona, Evansville, Indiana and Rosario, Argentina saw thousands come to Christ. He says they expect similar response in the year ahead. “We have more than 15 very active cities in the U-S and about as many in Latin America that are all saying please come and use this festival model to help us reach our cities. It’s because of a slightly new direction we’ve taken that puts the Gospel a little bit more into the public square, maybe a little bit more affective in reaching young people.”

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