Story number 4 for 27 Jun 2000

By June 27, 2000

Elsewhere, while bombing continues along Chechnya’s Georgian border, there is a unique ministry happening amongst isolated Muslim villagers. The Bridge International’s R.K. Ulrich says the ministry has seen success. That report comes from a missionary who recently visited, and says they are seeing a present-day version of the book of Acts. “She said, ‘Of all the places I’ve visited in the old Soviet Union, I have never seen a church as pure and as biblical as I saw among the Muslim believers in Georgia.'” Despite their hardship, Ulrich says believers continue to study the Bible and share Christ with others. “The Lord has given them the word of God. They don’t have a lot of Bibles but they share the Word between themselves. They read it intensely. They meet in frozen garages and run down houses because they are extremely poor, but they are so rich and warm in the word of God.”

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