Story number 4 for 27 Nov 2000

By November 27, 2000

Next, Bolivia has been referred to as the “Tibet of the Americas”-remote and underdeveloped. SIM is working to help the Gospel prosper at 13-thousand feet and higher. One ministry is focused on leadership development. Dick Hart works with the Theological Education by Extension program. He says their work is vital. “In many Third World countries particularly, the leaders of the churches are not able to travel to a seminary or Bible Institute in some of the big cities, so what they need is to study the Bible, ministerial training and all, right in their own churches without leaving them.” Hart asks that believers pray for their outreach, adding that the thirst for teaching and training is growing. “We have about a thousand students right now, scattered throughout the country. But, the potential for training leaders and pastors and other lay leaders out in the churches, is so huge that the program could probably grow ten times, and still not meet all the needs that are out there.”

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